E-liquid concentrations

Often e-smoking beginners how many cigarettes correspond to one bottle of e-liquid or the other way around – how much e-liquid corresponds to one packet of cigarettes. It’s difficult to make a simple answer to this question. Actually it all depends on many factors. After all, everyone was quite a different smoking habits. For some people one packet is enough for three days, some others smoke three packets daily.

Well, what advice can we give those who are just starting up? Not only selection of a favorite taste is very important, but also a strength of e-liquid. Longtime habitual smokers will need an e-liquid with high nicotine concentration, not regular smokers – definitely lower. You need to observe your reactions and the way you e-smoke. If you cannot tear yourself from the mouthpiece and e-smoke constantly, obviously you need to increase the strength of e-liquid (e.g. from 6 up to 12 mg/ml). It is very important to choose a proper “initial strength”, just strong enough to provide your body with enough amount of nicotine and only as much as it needs. After a while, for example 3-4 weeks, you might try to reduce the strength. For example, if you were using 18 mg/ml, perhaps 12 mg/ml might be enough. You can also make an intermediate concentration mixing both e-liquids half and half to get the strength of 15 mg/ml. Usually it is sufficient. And so you can gradually decrease the strength to really small values.

After some time it pays to try to decrease the strength of the inhaled e-liquid. This is important, because certainly nicotine isn’t friendly to your body. It makes no sense to do it right after transition from traditional to e-cigarettes. First, our body needs to get used to this new way of e-smoking. However in my opinion, you might think of doing it after quitting traditional smoking for good. Hardly anyone is able to set aside e.g. e-liquid of concentration 18 mg/ml and start using e-liquid of concentration 6 mg/ml. Most often in such situation your body will lack nicotine.

Therefore we suggest you a bit different method. First of all you have to answer a basic question – when do I need a nicotine the most? Each of us is different, some people need this “kick” in the morning, others after a meal or over a cup of coffee.

Let’s leave this concentration on these occasions, while for the rest of the day let’s get something lighter – at least 1/3 less nicotine amount.

Usually 2-3 puffs of strong liquid is enough to appease typical nicotine withdrawal. And then you can easily use liquid of lower concentration.

To avoid changing e-liquid in clearomizer every now and then, you might want to have just two devices, each with a different liquid concentration. You can mark each of them, then you will not worry where is the liquid you want to use. If during the day you feel that you need more nicotine, change the clearomizer and inhale once or twice but no more. A little willpower doesn’t hurt.

There is also a trick which allows you to cheat a little your body. If you like liquids with a hint of mint, you can add a little mint flavouring to the liquid. Most often such trick reduces the strength of e-liquid but keeps the same “kick”.