Alcohol in e-liquids

A lot of you probably wonder what kind of alcohol is used in liquids found in electronic cigarettes and why is it there in the first place. I have decided to write a few words to answer these questions.

First of all, the alcohol used in e-liquids serves two basic functions: it adds flavor and makes the liquid less sticky. It is thanks to alcohol that the flavor of liquid is more profound, thus more enjoyable for us. On the other hand, the reduction of stickiness helps the liquid to penetrate wicks and other materials that draw e-liquid in to a heating element – clearomizer. Continue reading “Alcohol in e-liquids”

E-liquid concentrations

Often e-smoking beginners how many cigarettes correspond to one bottle of e-liquid or the other way around – how much e-liquid corresponds to one packet of cigarettes. It’s difficult to make a simple answer to this question. Actually it all depends on many factors. After all, everyone was quite a different smoking habits. For some people one packet is enough for three days, some others smoke three packets daily. Continue reading “E-liquid concentrations”