Vaper’s policy

Each society is governed by certain rules. Some of them are written in the form of binding law, others are informal. A code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society is often called the etiquette.

For example there are rules of sailors’ etiquette (e.g.: one can enter on board only after receiving the approval, it’s forbidden to whistle or to soak one’s legs, and so on) and there are certain rules of e-smokers etiquette. This isn’t written down in form of a code yet, but maybe soon something like that will come into existence.

The etiquette itself doesn’t provide any specific punishment for breaking the rules. This matter is very simple – if you don’t act in accordance with the rules, the astonishment of other members of the group may be the only response to your behavior.

But is it concern of ours – the e-smokers? After all, everyone knows how to behave. Well, not necessarily. Just go to the cinema or theatre to see the clouds of smoked puffed by some e-smokers. The same problem relates to buses or trams, not to mention schools. Most often young people find it right – since it’s not forbidden, they think they can. However, it is worth to think about it. Are you sure it’s right?

It is true that the e-cigarette is not the same as a traditional cigarette. Formally e-smoking is not forbidden. However, good manners are obligatory. The minimum of good manners. Therefore, you should consider that the community of e-smokers imposes certain informal standards on. Don’t use e-cigarettes where you didn’t use to smoke – this is a general rule. Is it possible to ride on a bus for 20 minutes without puffing. Of course it is! The same rule relates to cinema, theatre or elevator. If you are visiting someone, it benefits to ask whether you can use e-cigarette. This is require of good manners. Not every e-liquid is odorless, especially for people with sensitive sense of smell. Don’t use your device in the company of small children. What is practically harmless for us, not necessarily is such for children. You can also ask for permission in clubs or restaurants. Thankfully most of restaurateurs have a basic concept of the e-cigarettes and e-liquids and doesn’t prohibit their use.

In general – don’t clash with people who mind the usage of e-cigarettes in their company. Our relationship to them is an evidence of our manners. Remember it.