For whom is vaping?

Basic matter – e-cigarette is a device created strictly for adult heavy smokers who want to overcome this weak point. If you didn’t smoke, don’t start e-smoking!

If you are going to quit smoking and you cannot do this without back-up, consider transition to e-cigarettes. More and more research shows that they are not harmful. There is a growing number of people who are using these devices to quit, although this method is not formally accepted by health professionals.

It’s not worth to buy the cheapest equipment. Grasp all, lose all. Count how much you spend on cigarettes per month. It’s worth to venture such sum. Good e-cigarette gives you a greater chance to say goodbye to tobacco.

By far – the most important thing! Liquid is something you apply to the body. In this case price isn’t a crucial factor, but the decent source. Nonfunctional device can be replaced. Replacement of lungs and the whole organism is much more difficult. Probably hardly anyone will risk buying alcohol from a stranger in the bazaar, just because it is about half the price. Each of us has only one life and one health.

Note that the transition from tobacco to e-smoking doesn’t break you of a habit. You cease being tobacco smoking addicted, but still remain nicotine addicted.

However, it must be explicitly said that e-cigarettes are not advisable for:
– minors,
– people, who are not habitual smokers,
– people with or at risk of heart disease,
– pregnant or breast-feeding women,
– people allergic to nicotine, PG – Propylene Glycol and other e-liquid components.

It’s always worth to consult a good doctor before you start e-smoke. Fortunately, more and more doctors have little idea of e-cigarettes.

It happens that a person switching from regular smoking to e-smoking can feel dryness in the throat. The feeling goes away after a few days, and at least after a couple of weeks. At the beginning it’s just worth to drink more – primarily water. Do not be surprised that transition to the e-cigarette might be accompanied by cough, sometimes fairly strong. Well, the cough is not caused by e-smoking, it’s the reaction of the body while purifying from tars and other toxins. This will also pass after a short period of time.

Good luck in changing the habit to not harmful and grit.