Kanger Protank

I wanted to share with you the conclusions and insights after few days of the device operation. KangerTech ProTank BCC (Bottom coil changeable) is made of very solid materials, chrome-plated steel and Pyrex tube. Pyrex is a borosilicate glass (8% of boron trioxide and 85% of silicon monoxide) used for laboratory glassware due to its properties (one doesn’t have to worry it comes into reaction with more invasive flavours).


Basic information:
– Thread type: 510
– Capacity: 2.5 ml
– Length: 65 mm (without thread)
– Diameter: 18 mm
– Resistance: 1.8, 2.4 ohm (changeable heater)
– Housing type: chrome-plated steel, glass “pyrex”


Polished, sealed, simple design.
No leaks.
Easy to assemble and resolve.
Quick and hassle-free heater replacement.
The ability to use heaters with different resistance.
Very well, superbly indeed captures the taste.
No extraneous flavours: rubber, plastic etc.
The tank made of Pyrex glass (resistant to alkaline solutions, some organic and inorganic acids).
No problems with delivery of liquid (BCC).
Negligible or even total lack of condensate.
The real capacity approx. 2.5 ml.
Warm and nice vapour.
Large amount of vapour.
Trouble-free, cheap in use.
Good flow of high density e-liquid.
Works with lots of batteries, from the eGo up to all sorts of fashion.

Inability to use different drips,
Fall-sensitive glass.


While using other types of clearolmizers one can feel flat paper taste, in case of almost all types – the waft of plastic, but there is no such problem with this device! Actually it’s ok to vap without any flavour! Warm vapour and the taste is very, very distinct.

Flavour deliver is so good, that sometimes I have a feeling it even too good. Especially at the first test I left a few ml of coffee flavour e-liquid. ProTank BCC as one of the few delivered really acceptable taste. The rest of cartomizers, many clearomizers, tank and all the rest didn’t deliver as good taste as I have now. They were far worse!

vamo v2

Using this device flavours in homemade mixtures should be carefully dosed. Some part of e-smokers apply large doses of flavours. I think this group of people might be nicely surprised. For testing purpose I flooded mixture of 70% Glycol, 30% Glycerine + 4 drops of MTS Vape Wizard per 10 ml of base without adding any flavour. During vapping I felt very strong taste of MTS. In case of other evaporators I completely didn’t feel it. Now I know that in next productions I must to approach the subject of mixtures in completely different way. In case of Tank system I added 8 up to even 10 drops of flavour to 10ml of base, but I could reach satisfying effect, I thought perhaps there was something wrong with my taste buds. With this wonder vipping is a pure pleasure. Of course, one might forget about leaks.

Further I noticed only vestigial amounts of condensate! Metallic drip, which is integrated with a glass tank, was heating up to temperature close to body temperature. Probably the higher temperature of the metal drip causes smaller quantities of condensate. During evaporation of the entire contents of the tank I had only once wipe the seal. With such a simple design of ProTank cleaning is just a snap. We do not need to empty the tank and waste e-liquid, if we need to purge a ProTank. Simply unscrew the evaporator from the battery, turn the end with thread to the top position, and then unscrew the ring with heater. Unscrew the ring and the heater, you can rinse it with running water, or wipe it with tissue. With a bit of practice, you can do it while going by bus, provided that you’re not a bus driver.

ProTank works perfectly with alternating current batteries as well as with direct current batteries. The set includes decorative ring, whose main function is to gain the fastening the evaporator to eGo batteries. ProTank along with the decorative ring mounded to a small eGo-C looks really interesting.


I smoke like crazy – nonstop, I cannot take my mug off it throughout the day. I don’t have any problems with the evaporator (cleazomizer). It works stably, the capacity remains a constant level in full range. This device is worth its price! I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. Such a small thing, and so much joy.